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study bays me – These activities caused a lot of excitement in the classroom, our brains all the time and we were all steamed involved.

These competencies they will need in adult life. Let’s start with ourselves – because really change begins with us. Let’s see how we can influence things. And there are really a lot! By the way, I encourage you to watch the famous Simon of Sinka – Why start with why? Note about the author: Octavia Gorzeńska is the director of the LO 17 in Gdynia – Schools with the power to change the world by the Ashoka Foundation, project coordinator, trainer, member of the RP group Superbelfrzy www.eduzmieniacz.com and author of the blog. It is believed that the school should be close to life and improve social competence, and therefore together with students carries out projects of social change. We want to share their knowledge and experience with others, also from outside the education sector. In 2015, she won the title Eduinspiratora in a national competition organized by FRSE. He is a graduate of the Leadership Academy for Poland. / ** / jQuery (document) .ready (function ($) {jac_init ();}); var JACommentConfig = {jac_base_url: ‘/ component / jacomment /’ SITEURL: ‘/ component / jacomment /? tmpl = component & view = comments’, minLengthComment:’ 10 ‘, errorMinLength:’ Your comment is too short. ‘, maxLengthComment’ 5000 ‘, errorMaxLength:’ Your comment is too long. ‘isEnableAutoexpanding:’ 1 ‘, dateASC’ recent comments at the top ‘, dateDESC’ Latest comment in bottom ‘, votedASC:’ Most voted on top ‘, votedDESC’ Most voted in bottom ‘, strLogin:’ Login ‘, isEnableBBCode:’ 1 ‘, isEnab (more…)