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Caesars Entertainment Halfway Towards Being Linqed In

Caesars Entertainment Halfway Towards Being Linqed In


There’s more than six months to go before it’s completed, but The Linq the name given to Caesars Entertainment’s ersatz take for a New York City downtown hipster neighborhood is ready for a preliminary look. Like a seductive stripper, the project is preparing to reveal just sufficient to tantalize you and obtain you excited about its next act. And for its $550 million cost, it most likely should look just short of amazing whenever it’s all built.

Opening in Early 2014

Scheduled to start in February 2014, the Linq’s outdoor promenade is going to be 300,000 square feet when it’s completed, and will be home to every thing you would expect in Vegas outside of a casino that is actual swank restaurants, luxury shopping outlets and taking place performance venues. Being built where when stood a broken-down parking storage, involving The Quad (formerly the Flamingo, the Linq is supposed to be something new for a city that prides itself on reinventing it self every 10 minutes, it seems.

‘I think people are going to be astonished at the excitement we’re creating,’ said Linq General Manager Jon Gray, who recently revealed a media crew around the construction site. ‘It’s a place that is contemporary it feels right for this town,’ Gray added.

An observation wheel it appears basically like a wheel that is ferris sit at one end of the project, and invite visitors to review the relatively small empire within its borders. The (more…)

Each day into the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

Each day into the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

Question: Have you seen that movie, Admission with Tina Fey? Is your job really like that?

Yes, I’ve seen that movie. In reality, I viewed it on a Virgin America flight a few years ago on my way to NYC for certainly one of my recruitment trips (How meta is the fact that?) Tina Fey plays an admission counselor from a very selective university, and there’s a scene of her doing senior school visits that made me giggle a little too difficult in my own aisle seat (ok, fine…it was a middle seat). Tina does vocal that is several and psychs herself up before reciting the same exact presentation about her school several times a time. This week starts my first recruitment trip for the season in New York City, and I’ll be visiting four to five high schools per day to chat about the USC experience. Our pool that is applicant is and diverse and my applicants’ understanding of USC and the university admission process will be different considerably. Following are associated with the places where you will find me meeting students this autumn in ny!

1) Visiting High Schools

As you’re completing your Calculus test or running from Drama or MUN, i am probably under the town on the subway traveling to one of my numerous high college visits in NYC. Typically, here is the very way that is best to move around the city, but we was once stuck underground for over three hours. If I do not arrive for my appointment a (more…)

Activities of the SAT. Sam and Eric from the Office of Admission took the SAT test in December.

Activities of the SAT. Sam and Eric from the Office of Admission took the SAT test in December. Yes, that is proper. They willingly took the SAT. For fun! Hard to believe, I know. We talk usually about the SAT and our Dean of Admission, Tim Brunold, advised we go on it in order to relate to the students with whom we work. Sam and Eric accepted the process. I sat straight down with both of them to discuss just how it went. This is what they had to say:

Q: Why did you choose to take the SAT?

S: I ended up being curious. We make use of it and have so many conversations around it that it felt irresponsible to not actually understand what it was like.

E: I suppose we decided to take the test for a reasons that are few. I think we both thought it could be enjoyable. (We might have been incorrect). And we thought it would help us connect a little towards the applicants and realize that it was just taking care of of this process.

Q: Now that you’ve finished your undergraduate and work that is graduate did you will find it easier or higher difficult this time around?

S: It absolutely was absolutely harder, I think because I don’t sit right down in a classroom analyzing literature or doing math these days, so my brain just is not trained for that kind of stuff anymore. I additionally took it before the writing ended up being added therefore it seemed a great deal longer with that added part.

E: I thought the reading and writing were quite a bit easier this time around. I assume (more…)

I’ve Never ‘Just Known’ Such A Thing. I want to pop your bubble. Prepared?

I’ve Never ‘Just Known’ Such A Thing. I want to pop your bubble. Prepared? There is no thing that is such your perfect college. We understand royal vegas bonus codes 2014 this goes against that which you might have been hearing as you started learning about university. We know you probably don’t believe me personally, particularly if you have dream school. You have been told that whenever you see the right school you’ll get a sense and you also’ll simply know, but i am right here to tell you that there is several college for you, where you are going to get a great education and have memorable experience. Same thing goes for very very first apartment, work or move to a city that is new. I do believe we do ourselves a disservice in searching for simply one, solitary option and ruling out the sleep instead of focusing on our attitude and readiness to embrace something brand new.

It breaks my heart when I hear student state they certainly were not admitted to their fantasy college and therefore are maybe not worked up about any of their other choices. As you go through the university process, don’t placed on blinders to virtually any school that you will be using to. Likely be operational to the truth that sometimes life tosses you a curveball and you also may wind up someplace you did not expect, but that does not mean it can not function as right place for you. You make the decision that is best you can utilizing the knowledge you have and move forward confident you made the right choice.

When (more…)