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2019 Education Loan Debt Statistics. Simply how much do i owe in student education loans

2019 Education Loan Debt Statistics. Simply how much do i owe in student education loans

U.S. Education loan borrowers owed a collective $1.6 trillion in federal and private education loan financial obligation at the time of March 2019, in line with the Board of Governors associated with the Federal Reserve System.

Listed here are key education loan financial obligation data to know: how borrowers that are much, the sorts of loans they will have and exactly how they’re repaying them.

Typical education loan debt

Sixty-five per cent of this class of 2018 graduated with pupil financial obligation, based on the latest information available from The Institute for university Access & Success, a nonprofit company that works to improve advanced schooling access and affordability. Among these graduates, the typical education loan financial obligation had been $29,200.

The U.S. That is average household pupil financial obligation owes $47,671, in accordance with NerdWallet’s 2018 home financial obligation study.

Pupils who pursue expert degree programs can get to defend myself against significantly more. Here’s how a typical education loan debt compares for the class of 2018.

Sources: The Institute for College Access and triumph, Association of United states healthcare Colleges, United states Dental Education Association, United states Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

Total student loan debt that is federal

Many student loans — about 92%, based on a December 2018 report by MeasureOne, a data that is academic — are owned because of the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Total student that is federal borrowers: 43 million.
  • Total outstanding student that is federal debt: $1.4 trillion.

Total student loan debt that is private

Personal student education loans compensate 7.76% for the total outstanding U.S. (more…)