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there is many concerns to the handbook about presenting a couple of guinea pigs

there is many concerns to the handbook about presenting a couple of guinea pigs

That are the most useful male/female cavy matches for best-buddy experience, and which matches could bring probably the most problems in their social life. I am hoping this short article will causes things effortless for you really to determine in your guinea pigs’ social life and make them live pleased together.

1. Why do you want one or more guinea pig?

Because guinea pigs are particularly social animals, it will always be suggested which they reside with one or more another cage mate. Having just one single guinea pig makes his/her life lonely, regardless of how enough time spent with her or him, since you aren’t (presumably, when you are looking over this) of a cavy species, but individual – which simply does not cut it. We don’t talk their language, although we are able to mostly determine what will they be wanting to tell us.

Solo guinea pig could get lonely, less wondering, less vocal, less active, less funny. It is really not normal to allow them to live with no other of the type.

Whenever residing together, guinea pigs would communicate together, play and run around more, follow and groom one another, and perchance even rest cuddled up together.

When selecting cage mates, it will always be better to have a similar sex, or different gender but neutered – because there are a lot of abandoned guinea pigs in regional pet shelters, and breeding is usually not advised, since you can save yourself the people through the shelters. This, needless to say, very relies on your location that is geographical and pig populace.

2. Fancy terms

  • Boar: Male guinea pig.
  • Sow: Feminine guinea pig.
  • Sexing guinea pigs: Determining if your guinea pig is just a boar or even a sow.
  • Neutering: an over-all term utilized to explain the castration of the male animal. It consist of getting rid of the testicles.
  • Spaying: (more…)