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Carrie Bradshaw’s Intercourse and The Town boyfriends

Carrie Bradshaw’s Intercourse and The Town boyfriends

6. Bill Kelley (John Slattery)

Age: 52

SATC role: Bill the politician lasted two episodes that are whole until he asked Carrie to pee on him. Evidently Carrie had beenn’t au fait with golden showers, although she was not too bothered about resting with an other woman’s spouse. Hmmm.

What is he done since? He is only bloody gone and starred in Mad guys, that is exactly what. John plays Roger Sterling, creator associated with the marketing agency into the show, and has now won two SAG honors combined with the Mad guys cast. Bravo.

7. Ray (Craig Bierko)

Age: 50

SATC role: he is the jazz man! The main one within the porkpie cap using the ADHD – both of which grow to be a bit way too much for Carrie.

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What is he done since? Craig’s profession since showing up in SATC checks out like some type or kind of Greek tragedy. He switched straight down the element of Chandler in Friends (doh! ), starred in a pilot for the US number of Red Dwarf that has been never ever commissioned, starred in a Broadway variation of men and Dolls which closed after simply 3 months and had to take out of this part of skip Trunchbull within the musical type of Matilda after sustaining a neck damage. BLESS YOU.

8. Seth (Jon Bon Jovi)

Age: 52

SATC role: Carrie came across Seth into the waiting room, whenever she ended up being opting for therapy to obtain over (one of several) Big break ups. (more…)