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Some info; i am a male in my own 20s that are early. Ask Meta Filter

Some info; i am a male in my own 20s that are early. Ask Meta Filter

My buddy, we are able to phone her Jill, may be the age that is same. We have been both pupils, neither of us is just a virgin or completely inexperienced with working with the contrary intercourse.

Jill separated having a term that is fairly long about 3ish weeks hence. We’re both close buddies, nearly close friends needless to say but our company is pretty near. In the last 4 months we now have frequently been spending some time going out alone.

And this is actually the kicker, I REALLY DO n’t need up to now this enter or girl into any type of “boyfriend gf” variety of arrangement. The things I do might like to do is possess some kind of casual hook up(s) along with her. I do not actually want to state friends with benefits(Gah, We hate that term) but that’s pretty near to the things I are considering. When I said before, our company is frequently alone together, usually annoyed, and frequently horny. I possibly couldn’t see this going beyond making away plus some groping/manual stimulation therefore it is in contrast to we might be getting super intimate anyway. I would also be cool we go from sitting there talking to making out with it being a one time experience, but how do?

Only problems are, (1) how do you start this? I’ve never ever been anyone to have any type of random hook ups before therefore I really concept of. (2) let’s say she claims no? I mightn’t be offended if she rejects me personally, hell, I would personallyn’t be offended if she informs me i am gross but i truly want to avoid harming our relationship in addition to probability of her telling all our shared buddies that I attempted to place the techniques on her(gossip does bypass, regrettably ).

Used to do look at this concern also it had some good insights but personally i think like my situation is far various adequate to ask personal concern. Also, do not recommend that we get her drunk, I do not run like this. (more…)