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Just just How girls have found empowerment through being online that is sad

Just just How girls have found empowerment through being online that is sad

This musician is utilizing Instagram and selfies to subvert the objectification of females throughout history – and she actually is calling it Sad Girl Theory

Self-proclaimed tragic queen and Instagram artist Audrey Wollen stumbled on our attention this past year, marking out her very own electronic room with Judith Butler/Sailor Moon mash-ups, a twitter account documenting her real problems and recreations of renaissance paintings – certainly one of that has been the victim of Richard Prince’s current Instagram pillage. However, if there’s something the LA-based musician did about it’s Sad Girl Theory that you need to know.

She proposes that – despite things being from the up for ladies these ful times – often being addressed given that lower sex nevertheless sucks, and also as a work of governmental opposition we ought to acknowledge that and get as goddamn miserable once we want. “The shade of feminism that is chosen for news attention is almost always the main one many palatable to your capabilities that be – unthreatening, good, public,” explains Wollen. “I felt type of alienated by modern feminism, since it demanded a great deal of me personally (self-love, great intercourse, economic success) that i simply couldn’t provide.” Taking cues from her understanding of art concept, Wollen’s work aims to reframe the sadness of females throughout history as being a real method of fighting right straight back. Below, we got the 101 on Sad woman Theory alongside her throughts on Virginia Woolf, Brittany Murphy and objectification that is reclaiming the medium of selfies.

exactly How could you explain just just what Sad woman Theory is?

Audrey Wollen: Sad Girl Theory proposes that the sadness of girls should always be recognised being a work of opposition. Governmental protest is generally defined in masculine terms – as one thing outside and sometimes violent, a demonstration into the streets, a riot, a career of room. (more…)