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Beautiful Girl For Marriage
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Ask Amy: i did son’t understand he had been dating somebody else until he married her

Ask Amy: i did son’t understand he had been dating somebody else until he married her

Plus: i wish to see where grandma is hidden, but my mother is fighting me personally.

DEAR AMY: i’ve been casually dating a close buddy on / off for over 2 yrs. He’s 16 years more than i’m. We never considered the connection severe. Each and every time we went, he initiated it.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

We never ever clearly talked about relationship statuses, but he constantly offered the impression which he had been a forever bachelor.

Well, as it happens he has been long-distance dating a lady during the last 5 years, and five days after our many present date he married her!

He hasn’t explained some of this. We went in to the “best man” from their wedding, who essentially said, “Yeah, he finally got hitched to their girlfriend that is long-term!”

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I had no idea he had been seeing anybody! I might never date an individual who had been devoted to some other person.

To incorporate a wrinkle, he and I also are both board people in a nonprofit. The following month he could be hosting a meeting that i need to assist at, and their brand new spouse will likely to be here.

Whenever because of the possibility, should she is told by me that her spouse cheated beside me?

I’m like when I meet her, if We don’t tell her, We am now complicit in order to keep their key. But, I don’t desire to destroy a wedding.

Perhaps Maybe Perhaps Not Their Number 2

DEAR NOT QUANTITY TWO: You describe the connection along with your friend that is male as dating.”

You don’t appear to have cared excessively regarding the “relationship status.” Undoubtedly it might have taken place to you personally which he could be seeing other folks? (more…)